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"LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR is an Experiential Learning™ Package designed for Early Readers. This 2-Pc. Package addresses a child's senses. Combining Sight (the 32-pg. Storybook) and Sound (a Single Song Compact Disc), LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR offers the early reader an opportunity to enjoy the story of Yankee Doodle Dandy™ and his sidekick Yankee Doodle Dolly™ as the two weave their way through the galaxy with their pets Fearful™ and Forgetful™.

One hundred-fifty additional vocabulary words are included to further develop read literacy. Suzy Goodman-Pollack, Illustrator/Author of the book and Singer-Songwriter of the accompanying theme song states: "The song literally duplicates the storyline. This enables a young child to fully experience LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR. The reader is encouraged to listen to the music while reading the book. The song repeats itself. In this manner, the story comes alive and takes on special meaning to the early reader."

According to Pollack, the element of fantasy in early education is important. She states "children by nature exist in a world of fantasy. This is encouraged by parents and educators, as it stimulates the imagination and encourages growth."

The author developed the theme of LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR to promote old-fashioned patriotism in young Americans. Everybody knows the name Yankee Doodle Dandy®. It dates back to the American Revolution.

Now, we have a real life nephew of our Uncle Sam for the kids to relate to. Yankee Doodle Dandy® and Yankee Doodle Dolly® are children's cartoon characters that I've created to give American kids a sense of pride on a collective level. Having a strong sense of self and acting responsibly is fundamental to the Dandyland® Characters."

What's it like to live on a lucky star? It's an everyday affair transformed by space travel; a lifestyle that combines the mundane and the supernatural, the routine with the surreal."

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