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What aspects of "LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR" did you like the most?
  • "I liked the nice, bright labeled illustrations and the upbeat music."
  • "The song is enjoyable, the illustrations in the book are bright and colorful."
  • "I liked the C.D.; the beat was good, it kept the kids' attention. Words clear and easy to understand."
How did you make use of "LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR", integrating it into your lesson plans?
  • "We discussed our freedom to do and be anything we want. We discussed using our imagination to fly through the universe on stars."
  • "I read the book to the children slowly, examining all the pictures, then we played the C.D. and I turned the pages."
  • "We read the story first, then looked at the pictures along with the song as a transition into nap time. The children then listened to the song while 'floating like a star' to their cots."
  • "Earth Day. It's about the environment. We made stars in class and made them float on top of the globe, like in outer space."
How did your students react to "LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR"?
  • "The children enjoyed it, hummed the song and tried to sing along. The labeled illustrations were especially useful with one child who speaks very little English."
  • "The children seemed to enjoy the story."
  • "They were interested. They liked the pictures, bright colors."
  • "The C.D. got a lot of attention."
Would you purchase "LIFE ON A LUCKY STAR" or recommend this product for the teacher at the appropriate grade level?
  • "I would recommend the story/C.D. The children enjoyed it."
  • "Yes, I thought it was appropriate for 4-5 year olds."
  • "The children could connect the C.D. and the book, and pick out things they knew and realized."
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